Thursday, September 23, 2004

Whining can spur you on

After my last entry, in which I had a tantrum that I was forced to do something outside my immediate interests, and I expressed fears that I would not be able to maintain my own schedule, I of course did.

I finished the penultimate edits last night. Four hundred and fifty-some pages, with final edits for most and still rewriting chapters one and twenty-one. Okay, so that's not final. But it's almost there. Went through the synopsis, so that's done. After wrapping this up in the next few days, I'll take a break, work on finishing up my workshop notes for the workshop I'm giving next Friday, and then, after that conference, start the edits for the last full manuscript that was requested at Writer's Weekend. That'll be about another month ... and after that, actual NEW copy for the requested partial. And of course, the holiday season off, because who can concentrate with all that folderol?

At least one more done!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Why am I doing this again?

Why do people insist that they have to keep "busy"? I would think that keeping oneself occupied for no other reason than to be occupied is an idiotic goal. Life is busy enough without giving yourself pointless goals.

This comes up because I'm trying to keep on an edit-one-chapter-a-day routine right now (and this pace would allow me to send off the current manuscript being edited by the end of the month), and I know I'm going to be falling behind, certainly by Saturday. I have to give a "high tea" for this Weekenders thing for my old college roommate -- Weekenders, for those blissfully ignorant, is clothing sold the Tupperware way, by coming to your home -- and I figured the only way to get anyone to show up is by feeding them -- hence a high tea.

But that's not working either, considering the number of regrets. Not even free food will entice them. I did warn her that I'm not the person to give these things. But even with minimal attendance, I have to make a trifle, make sandwiches, make things pretty -- at least the Merry Maids people keep it clean -- and then shell out money. I told my old roomie that I'd do this because she was unemployed at the time.

I can only hope I can make up a little of the time on Sunday. I'm tired trying to keep on this pace; and I'm only halfway through the second manuscript, with another to go, and a partial to be written after that. "Keeping busy"? Please. At least when I was on this pace last time I was freelancing at outrageous rates. Okay, that was immediate payout. I'm doing this for an eventual, possible payout.

Man, I'm tired.

Friday, September 10, 2004

The journey is a very slow one

So one of the agents finally got back to me, confirming she got the full manuscript. Considering it's been what, three weeks? I guess that's not bad, esp. since she actually sent email, much easier. Now I have to finish the contemporary paranormal, which she also requested. And that was also requested by the publisher. Almost halfway on the edits!

And then, the last one to revise, edit, and send out ... and then I have to write the partial. And THEN do the first revisions on the work I finished back in May. And THEN ...

It's good to keep busy.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Bourne Whatever

I liked the first one, I liked the second one. Gotta ask, though: How many of these can they spin out without much of a plot procession? At the end of this one, he learns ...

uh, if you haven't seen The Bourne Supremacy, ignore this ... spoilers ...

... spoilers ...

... spoilers ...

... spoilers ...

... spoilers ...

... spoilers ...

... Anyway, he learned his identity, where he's from. Yadayada. I assume the next one he'll hunt down where he's from and find clues to his identity, where he will once more be threatened by the CIA, and he'll kill people willy-nilly, but since he's from an area without many tall buildings, he'll only scale short ones. Anyway, good movie.

Just started to edit chapter eleven. Only fourteen more to go before I can go on to the last full manuscript. Yippee!

Thursday, September 02, 2004


Why, oh WHY do the people who theoretically know better keep MAKING THIS MISTAKE?!


Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. Eastern time, traders will be waiting with
baited breath for the wire service reports of the government's release
of unemployment and jobs data. See Mark Hulbert.



Depends on your beliefs, I guess

One thing I've noticed about astrology. At least as it pertains to my life. It's always off by at least a day or so, which doesn't surprise me, since I haven't had a personal reading (or is that only for palmists?) since I was in my twenties, which is, of course, many years ago, and that was by our friend the astrologer cop Hindu Jew (we contain multitudes, yadda yadda yadda). So I wonder if those things are absolutely accurate for anybody? If someone's prediction sez that they will trip over an ottoman on Thursday, does somebody with that sign actually trip over an ottoman on Thursday or will it happen on Wednesday or Friday? Most astrology things keep variance in mind and warn about it, I think.

I must throw the I-Ching again soon. Haven't done that since my twenties, if not before. But perhaps I should actually do household chores before I do that, too.