Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Now this is really freaky.

I took this test twice, figuring the answer would be different. It wasn't. Vewwy weird.

You're Cyprus!

Your parents probably had different ethnic backgrounds and now they're
almost certainly divorced, or at least they argue all the time.  You mostly just wish
they'd leave you alone instead of using you as a pawn in their tortured conflict with each
other.  Instead, you've become the battleground for a fight that doesn't really feel
like it's yours.  You'd rather just go fishing.  But that doesn't look likely in
the immediate future.  Just keep cooking with olive oil and you'll live longer, at least.

the Country Quiz at the href="">Blue Pyramid

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Too late!

Too late, too late. At odd times I sit up (I slump too much, if truth be told) and remember something else I should have done with that last manuscript I sent out. Not enough emotion; had to put in a detail that becomes a plot point; forgot this; forgot spell-check (although I don't trust it, I do it anyway -- it'll do as a backup).

Too late, too late. I have other manuscripts, and other stories, to address. One more to edit and send out before the end of the year. One more and then, finally, I can work on something new. Working on old stuff for what seems like forever just tuckers me out. Sometimes it's a thing of wonder: Why did I do that? That's a nice twist of a phrase -- have to cut it now. (It's true what they say about murdering your darlings -- you must edit to grow. But it hurts!)

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Sometimes you gotta wonder...

... If you have any brains at all!

The second manuscript out of three requested is out the door! In two forms: email attachment (only to be sent out again, because the Mac's StuffIt is a mystery to those of the Windows persuasion) to the agent, and then, printing out 450 or so pages for the publisher. And of course, weirdly, the printer works just fine printing out the synopsis and cover letter until the spouse sits down and uses my machine before the manuscript itself must be printed. Five minutes and all of a sudden, the printer JAMS. Couldn't fix it during the evening. Had to get up early to print out the manuscript.

I think our computers become attuned to the primary user. It must be so; more often than not, my machine does something odd after the spouse uses it for just a second, while the spouse's computer bombs whenever I get near it.

This particular manuscript is longer than what I usually use. It required nearly a ream of paper. And considering I work on a magazine, with those short little articles the norm, it took FOREVER to not only write it, but to rewrite it, revise it, and polish it.

There are advantages to nonfiction articles!