Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A symphony of sneezes

I know I should write something cheerily appropriate for the season,
warm hearts and glowing faces and all that, but everything I can
think of comes down to the chorus of coughs around me, the symphony
of sneezes, the whalloping wheezes, the hellacious hacking, that
sense of impending doom, that I'm not sick but I'm surrounded and my
arsenal of health aids are running low ... anyway, I guess that's
appropriate for the season too -- along with the decorations and the
food and the conviviality, there's the all-too-often cold or flu that
makes the planning and shopping and conviviality a big pain in the
kazoo. With every festive wrap of a box meant for a loved one,
there's the possibility of a less-than-festive wrap of Vicks Vapo-Rub
and crumpled tissues that even your loved ones are reluctant to get

Whether it's because you're stuck inside this time of year, trapped
with others who are coughing or wheezing or hacking and downright
germy, or the weather's far too foul to step out without being
whapped with a flu or two, you find yourself surrounded by sickies,
illies, flu-ridden Flos or cold-clogged Carls (note: I actually know
a flu-ridden Flo. Flo, I apologize! But when the alliteration bug
gets to me, it gets me good) even as you're trying to keep your
festive spirits up, wishing everyone around you a happy holiday of
your choice (and less than secretly trying to edge away from them
before they cough, wheeze, sneeze, and glorph over you) -- uh, sorry,
I've lost track of what I was saying.

(Note to self: Watch the run-on sentences. If I can't recite the
sentence without losing track of the topic, it's too long.)

Anyway, too many people are too worried about being cheerful and
cooking and shopping and so on and find themselves getting stressed
and then unfortunately getting sick. It's especially true at this
time of year. And working your way through, cooking and shopping and
partying despite it all, just makes the coughing and sneezing and
hacking all the worse.

So relax. Got a chance to go skiing? Don't. Just relax. Yes, the
skiing would be fun, but not being able to breathe because you
overdid it on the slopes takes the joy out of the activity. And the
following few days of feeling oozy and icky isn't any better. And
having to read what you know makes it worse.

So I'm going to let you go now. Enjoy your holiday! Get some sleep!
Read another book (and if you're interested in superheroine romances,

That is all.


Nancy said...

Eilis--too true! We decided last week that if the snow globes don't emerge from their boxes, and the big, table-top angel stays in the closet, and the knick-knacks don't make it to their appointed places, it's okay. As the dh commented, Christmas is supposed to be about enjoying the season, not stressing yourself to the max. And not many people really live in a Norman Rockwell painting, anyway. So why make ourselves crazy trying?

The cards are going out, albeit a bit late, and most of the shopping is done. The tree has stopped drawing water, a sign it'll have to come down not long after the 25th, but that's okay. It's pretty now, and we can turn off the soon-to-be-phased-out incandescent lights and enjoy the tree's glow.

As for the colds and flu, not much a person can do to avoid them. I try to stand 18 inches from sniffling students because I saw something on TV that said gravity causes germs to fall below face level within 18 inches. I hope it's true *g*.

Congratulations on Sonika's debut. Here's wishing you a happy, healthy holiday season!

EilisFlynn said...

Yes, way too much stress this time of year gives way to those nasty sniffles. Have a wonderful holiday and thanks for stopping by!