Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Emerald City Writers' Conference

Every year the Greater Seattle chapter of Romance Writers of America puts on
the Emerald City Writers' Conference. It's a wonderful two and a
half–day conference, filled with useful workshops (and I'm not just saying that
because I've given workshops for it), given by a good group (again, I'm not saying
that just because ...).

I'm giving another workshop this year, this one on whether the beginning
writer should start his or her writing career at the epubs. It's an interesting
topic, and one that as I finished writing the speech I realized has a lot of
different subtopics that in themselves are interesting, but I only have an hour.
My only (other) problem will be staying awake giving the workshop, because
it's scheduled for 8 am Sunday morning! (And not only that, it's scheduled
against THREE other workshops at the same time! Much coffee will be guzzled that
morning, I suspect.)

Besides the interesting workshops, I'm also looking forward to the author
signing. Every year, that's how I start off my serious Christmas shopping.
Speaking of which, I'd better start making my lists now! I don't necessarily know
what authors will be signing or available, so nothing's for certain, but I can
at least get an idea.

There's one thing that IS certain--Cerridwen Press books are going to be
gifts this year!

Eilis Flynn
FESTIVAL OF STARS, Cerridwen Press

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Hub and I saw that this would be on at the local community theater, so we
immediately had to get tickets. In a world filled with yet another rendition
of the same ol', same ol', Bat Boy: The Musical promised to be the proverbial
breath of fresh air.

And it was! True, it was rough (with sound system problems that made the
lyrics for some of the numbers incomprehensible, deadly in a musical), and a scene
out of nowhere that felt as though it had been shoved in there from something
left over from someone's pile of not-good-enough-to be-seen under the bed,
other than that, it had whimsy, it had humor, and it had minimal dancing. If
only I could make out the lyrics!

The actor playing Edgar (as Bat Boy is dubbed here) did a great job. Not the
Bat Boy of The Weekly World News, but splendid for the play. Any actor who
willingly hangs from the railings and such, sometimes upside down, gets my
applause anytime.

Using our review system of rewrites, I'd give Bat Boy: The Musical a glowing
one rewrite!

Eilis Flynn,
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Word games

Sometimes the mind stalls at a most unfortunate time. Sometimes the mind
needs a pick-me-up of a cerebral kind. Sometimes the barking of three
Yorkshire terriers drives the mind to a far, far away place where there are no
yappers, at least none where a mute button can't be used. That's when word
games come in handy. It's a word game! It's a way to get your mind in gear!
It's-oh heck, it's another way to waste time.

At this website, the urban dictionary allows you to make up your own slang
phrases and your own definitions, and allows others to vote whether they
should enter into common usage. For instance, there's "January joiner,"
someone who joins the gym in January and by February is back to being a
couch potato.

Then there's the game of group or collective nouns. What about an
abandonment of orphans? An absence of waiters? An accompaniment of
condiments? Or an addition of mathematicians?

Then there's Fictionary the game, which resembles the game Balderdash,
which hones your dissembling skills with the use of an unabridged dictionary,
blank cards, and a writing implement:

And if none of that suits your fancy, then you can make up word games
yourself, or choose one from this collection:

My current favorite's got to be collective or group nouns. The plural for my
sister's dogs? A yap of Yorkies. Rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Eilis Flynn