Sunday, December 23, 2007

Peace on Earth

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A symphony of sneezes

I know I should write something cheerily appropriate for the season,
warm hearts and glowing faces and all that, but everything I can
think of comes down to the chorus of coughs around me, the symphony
of sneezes, the whalloping wheezes, the hellacious hacking, that
sense of impending doom, that I'm not sick but I'm surrounded and my
arsenal of health aids are running low ... anyway, I guess that's
appropriate for the season too -- along with the decorations and the
food and the conviviality, there's the all-too-often cold or flu that
makes the planning and shopping and conviviality a big pain in the
kazoo. With every festive wrap of a box meant for a loved one,
there's the possibility of a less-than-festive wrap of Vicks Vapo-Rub
and crumpled tissues that even your loved ones are reluctant to get

Whether it's because you're stuck inside this time of year, trapped
with others who are coughing or wheezing or hacking and downright
germy, or the weather's far too foul to step out without being
whapped with a flu or two, you find yourself surrounded by sickies,
illies, flu-ridden Flos or cold-clogged Carls (note: I actually know
a flu-ridden Flo. Flo, I apologize! But when the alliteration bug
gets to me, it gets me good) even as you're trying to keep your
festive spirits up, wishing everyone around you a happy holiday of
your choice (and less than secretly trying to edge away from them
before they cough, wheeze, sneeze, and glorph over you) -- uh, sorry,
I've lost track of what I was saying.

(Note to self: Watch the run-on sentences. If I can't recite the
sentence without losing track of the topic, it's too long.)

Anyway, too many people are too worried about being cheerful and
cooking and shopping and so on and find themselves getting stressed
and then unfortunately getting sick. It's especially true at this
time of year. And working your way through, cooking and shopping and
partying despite it all, just makes the coughing and sneezing and
hacking all the worse.

So relax. Got a chance to go skiing? Don't. Just relax. Yes, the
skiing would be fun, but not being able to breathe because you
overdid it on the slopes takes the joy out of the activity. And the
following few days of feeling oozy and icky isn't any better. And
having to read what you know makes it worse.

So I'm going to let you go now. Enjoy your holiday! Get some sleep!
Read another book (and if you're interested in superheroine romances,

That is all.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

At long last! Sonya Penn finally takes off in INTRODUCING SONIKA, the story
of the child of superheroes who tries to turn her back to her destiny ... only
to have it come up behind her and tap her on her back. Here's an excerpt:

Even if John noticed the car, he wouldn't be able to react fast enough. An
out-of-control driver on rain-slick streets, or was he aiming? And Arlen? An
easy target on crutches, crossing against traffic, helpless to jump out of the

What could she do?

She decided the instant the screech of the Mustang's tires against the wet
concrete cut through the little shopping area, when she saw John realized what
was about to happen and he froze, bracing for impact—

The squeal of the tires was enough for her to grab onto, in a way she had not
allowed herself to since the death of her parents. In front of her eyes, the
rest of the world seemed to slow down as she reacted to that single,
all-encompassing screech of the car's tires.

She reached out and clenched her fists. Now!

The raindrops shimmered and solidified, the soft sounds of the rain and the
shriek of the skidding tires coming together to form a giant, translucent net,
almost directly above John Arlen, who was still frozen in that split second.

Yes! Twelve years without practice and she could still do it!

Eight seconds.

She didn't have much time. Swiftly, she stepped forward and caught the edge
of the net, yanking it down. It floated into her hands as if it were gossamer,
wisps caressing her skin, and she wrapped the stuff around her fists.

Six seconds.

With a cursory yank, she wrapped the net around John Arlen and cocooned him
in it, gliding the wispy substance with him in it across the street. His left
hand slipped out and scraped along the ground before she noticed and tucked it
back in. His glasses had fallen off—folding them, she slipped them into his

Four seconds.

The net started to dissipate—the short time it existed hadn't changed since
the last time she had done this. Sonya arranged Arlen into a sitting position
on the curb, letting the net fall around him, and watched as the net crumbled
away into the chilly rain. Right at that moment her own hyperworld and the
regular world met and merged, the harsh meeting of the two making her stomach
roil as it always did.

And then—nothing. None of the pedestrians had noticed.

Sonya winced. She was starving. That hadn't changed since the last time
she'd done this, either.

She watched as John, shaking his head, came to and stared at the bleeding
gash on his knuckles.

He was dazed. Good.

Fighting her nausea, she knelt beside him. "Can you walk?" she asked, her
voice soft.

He blinked and looked at her. "Sonya. I-I think I was in a car accident," he
stammered. Then, "Why can't I see?"

His glasses. Sonya slipped them out of his pocket, wiped the lenses against
the fabric of his shirt and slipped them on his nose. "Is that better?"

He looked up at her, blinking. "Yes…but there's something wrong with them."
He unhooked his glasses from around his ears to examine them.

Oh, crap. One of the lenses had cracked, probably in her haste to wrap him
up. She hadn't noticed the hairline fracture.

He stared at it. "When did this happen?"

When someone tried to run you over, she wanted to say, but instead, she tried
to scold. "You can't run across the street when you're on crutches. Can you
stand up?" She touched his cheek.

He shook his head. "I'm still a little dizzy." Together, they watched as the
blood welled across the skin of his knuckles. It wasn't a bad scrape, but it
had to smart. "I remember checking to make sure the street was clear and then
that Mustang came out of nowhere and—what happened?"

She chewed on her lip. He remembered more than she thought he would, con
sidering. She didn't know whether that was good or bad. "Did you hit your head?
What are you doing here, anyway?" She placed her hand across his forehead.

His skin was moist and cool. Probably a little shock, she decided. "I decided
to get breakfast at Adelaide's," he mumbled. "I don't think I hit my head. I
don't know how I hurt my hand or broke my glasses, though."

Sonya glanced up at the sound of rapid footsteps. "What happened out here?"
Addy exclaimed, hurrying out of the coffee shop. "Johnny, what are you doing
down there?"

The rain was coming down in earnest now. Blinking, he looked up at her.
"Addy? How did I end up on this side of the street? I started off on the other
side. I was at the music store. Where's the triangle?"

Damn it, he was coming out of it too fast. If she wasn't careful, he might
actually remember something she couldn't afford for him to remember. "You're
still holding it," she said, tapping the little paper bag clutched in his hand.
"It was almost a hit-and-run," Sonya explained to Addy as she stood up and
introduced herself. "I was running some errands when I saw Mr. Arlen crossing the
street. There was a car going way too fast—I don't think the driver even
realized what happened." That fit what happened—she wasn't sure it was true, but
it would explain why the Mustang was nowhere in sight.

Of course, in her haste to make sure she had John out of harm's way, she had
neglected to take note of the car's license plate. If she hadn't been so
happy Arlen was more or less intact, she would have been furious at herself.

Just then she heard him repeat, "How did I end up on this side of the street?"

At least he didn't remember how. She knelt again. "We'll figure it out, but
let's fix your hand up first. Do you think you can stand now?"

"I think so." He grabbed his crutch, then stopped. "Where's my other crutch?"

Sonya looked across the street, where a single crutch lay on the sidewalk in
front of the music store. He saw it too.

Damn it.

INTRODUCING SONIKA, now available at!

Monday, December 10, 2007

INTRODUCING SONIKA is finally being released on Thursday, December 13, from Cerridwen Press, and it's been a series of hurdles getting there. A few years ago, my then-agent persuaded me to have mocked up a comic book cover to get some visual interest about the character, and to do so, I turned to my old friend Jim Chadwick, who is a comic fan and a professional artist. He obliged with the work you see here. The character's original name was spelled with a "c," as you'll note. You'll also see here the cover of the book as it will be available on Thursday. Certain factors are the same -- the character is still dressed in gold, still blonde, and still dressed in skintight yellow. In Jim's cover you'll see a faint image of Patrick Dempsey; The Hub thought the actor was nerdy enough to play the hero, John Arlen. Dr. McDreamy nerdy? I dunno about that!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Faeries, faeries, and more faeries

Yesterday, I participated in an Internet talk radio show called
"Crazy Tuesday," hosted by Rowena Cherry, discussing, of all things,
faeries. Intrigued, I actually studied for this; I dragged out
reference books I'd bought for classes decades ago and hunted down
references I'd bought since then, just because I like reference books.

Of course, I discovered at that point that I don't have that many
reference books on faeries. Creation myths, Pacific myths, Celtic
mythology (in general), Welsh mythology, Japanese folktales, Asian
folktales, the Encyclopedia of the Supernatural (ever seen these? A
24-volume set, really interesting and creepy too!), and more ... but
not as much on faeries as I should have! Of course, the term "faery"
is strictly European, although there are equivalents in Asia, so I
could talk about those ... but I realized I had large gaps in my
knowledge. For goddess' sake, I was an anthropology major! Folklore
was one of my specialties! And I don't have that much on faeries?! I
was SO embarrassed.

Fortunately, I didn't need it -- since it was a talk show with others
far more conversant on faeries (EC's own Sahara Kelly, Elaine
Corvidae, Jacquie Rogers, Rowena Cherry, and the one and only Roberta
Gellis!), I got to ask questions and learn more. Fortunately, I do
know a little more about earth spirits of Asian myths (having used a
crow spirit as a helper in my FESTIVAL OF STARS) ... and I got to
reveal my theory that superheroes may be the modern faery equivalent.
It makes sense ... aiding mankind for the good faeries, out against
them for the bad ones. Right? I've got to consider this some more...

I don't know. This is a theory I've only come upon in the past year
or so. I have a superhero romance coming out next week on December 13
from Cerridwen, INTRODUCING SONIKA, so if my theory holds, I guess I
know more about faeries than I thought I did. If not? Well, I know my

>Eilis Flynn
>INTRODUCING SONIKA, available on 12/13/07 at


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Who Knew Faeries Did This at the Bottom of the Garden?

Join Rowena Cherry and friends for Crazy Tuesday, blogging out loud on
Internet Voices Radio!

Tuesday, December 4
10am until noon Eastern Time

Guests are Jacquie Rogers (Faery Princess Keely, of Faery Special
Romances)... Jacquie is the VIP guest, Roberta Gellis (yes, the real one), Eilis Flynn,
Elaine Corvidae and more!

Roberta Gellis
Eilis Flynn
Elaine Corvidae
Jacquie Rogers
Rowena Cherry

We'll have some fun games, and maybe even have some prizes (if allowed).

We'll be discussing faery important topics, such as: Modern Retold Faeries,
Bad Ass Faeries, Faery Matchmakers, Faery Good Deeds (faery favorite
charities), Faery Advice, other faeries behind their backs, quizzes for what kind of
faery you are, favorite faery stories, and of course, faery history.

Internet Voices Radio

So let's have some fun!