Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trying something new

I don't know if you've noticed, but it's election season. (Pause for the exclamations of disbelief.)

Well, anyway, I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of campaign commercials and radio ads. Whether it's TV or radio, we're being bombarded with politicians trying to wheedle us into voting for them. Oh good gravy, are they ever. One day recently, fed up with those ads on the radio while I was at work (actually, I was sick and tired of something I was doing, but never mind that), I started to move the dial up and down, looking for a station that didn't have a campaign ad. Actually, that was a lot more fun than the work I was taking a break from, which might explain why I was sick and tired in the first place. 

After a lot of spinning (the dial, not my chair -- my chair's sensitive that way), I found a radio station that didn't have a single campaign ad that I could tell. I was overjoyed! Of course, the music wasn't something I was used to listening to -- modern music compared to the classics I'm partial to -- but I settled in. As long as I didn't hear a mutter about "vote for," I was happy. 

Day in and day out, I kept it there, and I marveled at how much better I felt not dealing with those election commercials. The music wasn't bad, and I even bopped along as I worked. There was even a song that seemed to be on heavy rotation called "Supergirl" (at first I thought it was "Stupid Girl," which considering the history of the superheroine from DC Comics wasn't necessarily off the mark by much), which delighted me, because The Hub and I keep a running list of super-hero related songs. 

Today, finally curious enough -- and with a break in working -- I looked up the station. There was a good reason there weren't any election ads: It was a radio station from an area high school. OF COURSE there weren't any election ads! They're not old enough to vote! I didn't know if I should be embarrassed or not that I was enjoying the station, but heck, those people at Nathan Hale High School are doing a fine job of keeping me tuned to their part of the dial. I suspect if I had listened to the dj I might have gotten a clue, but I was in it for the music and the lack of annoying ads, and that was fine by me.

So I'm staying put until after the election. I may stay put afterward too, who knows, until I need to hear Beethoven or something again. Who would have thought I'd like modern music, having avoided it since the 1980s?

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Nancy said...

Hi, Eilis--Having worked at a student radio station in college, I'm partial to them. Kudos to the kids at Nathan Hale High for doing such a smooth job that you didn't glom onto the fact that they weren't a commercial station.

I'm also very tired of ads. We've been trying to early vote--well, the dh has, and I consider that me by extension--only to find such long lines that trying another day seems advisable. We're now running out of potential days, though, which means we have to act in some way or another.

I'm going to let the comment about Linda "Supergirl" Lee's checkered history just pass on by. . . . (whistles in transit out of frame)