Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's in a title?

Title? What title? Any writer could tell you that titles are the trickiest things. They have to be evocative, they have to be clever, they have to be sharp. 

I can either write the book or come up with the title. I can't seem to do both. They seem to engage the same part of the brain, and if one is in functioning order, the other is not. 

The latest book I turned into my editor took me a while to write. Coming up with the title might have taken longer than writing the book itself. I couldn't come up with a title worth spit; what I finally ended up with was the most unimaginable one I'd ever thought up. Echoes of Neotia Prime, a futuristic romance, involves bounty hunters, recurring dreams, a mysterious, alluring yet familiar woman, zombies, more. I could not come up with a title that was worth anything, even with all sorts of tantalizing topics. 

As it turned out, I had to change the title, because it wasn't working for my editor, either. I finally came up with one that combined recurring dreams and romance, sort of. It's Echoes of Passion, and I just hope the title works for the book.

Here's a cheerful note: Yasmine Galenorn, noted urban fantasy NYT-best selling author, did a Q&A with me. That is, she asked me a few questions and I answered them! Check it out at!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

A wonderful feeling of accomplishment

I finished writing an article and sent it off today, and it felt WONDERFUL! That feeling of accomplishment cannot be beat!

Of course, it was just the top of a very long list of things to be accomplished. But that doesn't matter, because at least I finished ONE thing! I celebrated by actually cooking. And later, I will finish celebrating by doing the dishes. But I'm not going to go so far and actually cleaning up.

Well, maybe tomorrow. Next on the list is starting my dragon story for the anthology. I have a rough plot, a short synopsis, names, backstory, and even an ending. And a little research. I LOVE research!