Friday, March 20, 2009

Once is a fluke. Twice ...

I don't know how I did it, but I managed to melt down a second hard drive at work, making that two drives in three weeks (at least the second drive could be revived; not so with the first). Everyday I go into the office, eyeing the one I currently have nervously (the machine, not the office -- although ...), wondering if I'm going to do something to that anytime soon. I've always had a reputation for being bad luck for technology. It continues.

And of course, two nights ago, it doesn't help that I loaded a dishwasher we haven't had more than a few years ... and it started to leak water when I started it. The Hub examined it (knowing my amazing talents and tech), didn't see anything wrong, and had no problem when HE started the load of dishes. My magical touch, he figured. Grr. Can't disagree.

Yes, I know it's convenient that I have this talent around household appliances (and The Hub is perfectly happy to do such chores), but I'd like to not worry about being around modern technology! 

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