Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Modern technology, how I am conflicted about thee

Note for things to do: learn html. Or learn how to deal with html with a
little more sophistication. Having a website is a wonderful thing, but updating
it? I can upload articles, but I have yet to figure out how to upload an image
of my next book, ECHOES OF PASSION, let alone a blurb about it. Modern
technology: A pain in the rear, I tell you. It doesn't help that my computer at the
Day Job suffered a catastrophic meltdown on Friday, three days before deadline,
and could not be revived. Its replacement is noticeably slower. But deadline
is gone, and now I've got to figure out life and work with this thing.

But anyway. Modern technology isn't all bad, because it allows my new book to
exist. Yes, that's right, the new book! The release date is July 2, 2009, two
days before The Hub and my 25th wedding anniversary. It's very nice timing.
It's a sci-fi romance in the Hunters for Hire universe, which was established
and created by Ellora's Cave and Cerridwen Press authors a couple of years ago.
The Hub insisted I should do a salute to the Science Police from the Legion
of Super-Heroes, so my hero, Daegon Bosaru (the early books in the line had
some names randomly generated, which was a fun challenge), is a Secret Sciences
Police officer. Then there's my heroine, the mysterious Imreen Dal, whose name
may be familiar somehow to those fans from the same source. More details as
release date approaches!

One thing that modern technology doesn't have much to do with: My Tea
Project. I continue to clear out the elderly teas in my kitchen. So far I've gone
through five boxes, with only fifteen more to go (hurray!). The liver detox tea
continues to taste terrible. And I'm starting to make a list of Teas: The Next
Generation. If you have any suggestions, let me know -- after these teas are
done, I'm going to be looking forward to fresh teas!

Eilis Flynn

ECHOES OF PASSION, on sale on July 2, 2009!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Echoes of Passion release date

I got email today from my editor at Cerridwen Press that ECHOES OF PASSION, my bit for the Hunters for Hire series, has a release date: July 2, 2009! Considering I was waiting for line edits, this was a surprise, to be sure. The novel was apparently relatively clean, so after Shannon (my editor, bless her heart!) worked on the copy edits (the commas, the semicolons, the run-on sentences ...), she sent it along to the final line editor.