Saturday, March 17, 2012

Because with my name, it's expected

Yes, it's...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Happy day to those of you out there who are Irish, Irish-for-the-day, and "But I look really good in green," enjoy the day, drink responsibly, and know that whatever embarrassing photo gets taken, can be used against you for a long, long time.

Eilis Flynn
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Friday, March 09, 2012


My latest book, a tip of the virtual hat for everyone who has a love-hate relationship with pretty much anything electronic and mechanical:

Can you live without your computer? Can you wear a watch? Do you know anyone who can't?

In a time not long from now, there are people whose life paths are determined by such simple details. Legally recognized as electromagnetics, or "Readers", they are a twist in evolution, an anomaly in a society that has become technologically dependent. Considered second-class citizens because of their heightened electromagnetic fields, Readers can't wear watches, get too close to a TV, or even drive for fear they will shut down the car's electrical system. Computers become worthless doorstops quickly around Readers. Career prospects are limited.

Reader Jeanne Muir decides to expand her horizons when she's unexpectedly offered a new job opportunity. But she hasn't been told that her job description includes being framed for a crime she didn't commit. Because Readers are not held in high esteem, Jeanne's an easy scapegoat, and law enforcement definitely is not on her side. Knowing she was set up and the odds are against her, Jeanne can't let herself be taken in-and risks asking mysterious Ran Owata, a fellow Reader who is no longer accepted among their kind, for help. The problem is: Can she trust him? Does she have a choice?

Available at Amazon (, and it'll be available at Barnes & Noble ASAP, from what I understand. Print will be on sale in about two weeks.

Now to get back to the current WIP!