Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Turn turn turn

It’s April, and spring is on the way. That’s theoretical for a lot of people out there on the East Coast out there, of course, are finally free from a long winter of slogging through foot after foot of snow. In the Pacific Northwest, we’re nervously crossing our fingers and staring up at the sky, which goes between milky blue and gray and dark gray, but all we get is rain, rain, rain (just the way we like it, actually, nine months out of the year). (The other three months are oddly warm and dry, and we worry about drought. We’re complainers, we really are.)

For those of you finally free of the white stuff—my condolences to you for the winter just past. I know it’s been record-breaking cold and snow for many of you, and I know someone in Erie, PA, who was of the opinion that her town won’t be seeing flowers and grass until May. Her husband I think commutes to New York for work, so that must be not just a chore, but frightening to boot. But I know, even as they (and you) do, that the snow will go away eventually, and the skies will be free of that horrifying white stuff. The more I read about this past winter and remember the problems of the previous one, the more I understand why George RR Martin lives in a desert climate these days and why his Song of Ice and Fire (also known as the source work for cable’s Game of Thrones) resonates. Because that slogan of his, “’Winter is coming,” is terrifying, and not because of the characters, but just the thought of what winter brings with it.

But the flowers are on their way. In these parts, we had a mild winter, mild enough that the blossoms and the trees were tricked into blooming in February, and I think that’s alarming enough. Because while much of the rest of the country was buried under literally feet and feet of snow, nature thought it was spring here. Who knows what else it might think in later months? Rain we can deal with. Other forms of weather we’re lost with.

And of course, it’s snowed here in April in the past. (It’s snowed in Yankee Stadium on Opening Day, so it’s still a possibility in New York, but New Yorkers are tough.) It’s just something else for us to worry about. Here, we worry that it’s going to be sunny during the summer. Yes, we’re complainers. We really are!

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