Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Digging Up the Past (Once More)

I discovered a fun book a while back, and I was amused (but not surprised) to find out that the book was originally published by one of my previous publishers. Digging Up the Past by Sandi Brackeen was first published by Cerridwen Press about five years ago, but that was the beginning of the period during which the publisher wasn't supporting the imprint anymore, so the works coming out weren't given any press or PR, and so the books sort of faded into the background. Sandi eventually got the rights back and published the book, and restarted the series, with Booktrope, the team publishing effort out of Seattle. That's where I found the book, and her. Here's a few deets about the book, and her:

Here's the book description: The Spade of Apocatequil can raise the dead and grant immortality—and it’s been stolen!  

When supernatural agents Riley Perez and Jason, her partner at the clandestine government agency DUE, are given the task of tracking down the magical artifact, they discover that the culprit may be one of the workers at an archaeological dig at Shady Shores. Is it John Braden, the head archaeologist on-site, who was involved in the original discovery of the spade? Or is it Danny Roget, the anthropologist, who claims that there have been strange sightings? Riley and Jason’s hunt for the spade is endangered by a rash of sudden, unexplainable deaths of people involved in the dig. Together with Cameron Delaney, the intriguing alpha werewolf who runs Cerberus Security, the company in charge of protecting the archaeologists at the dig, Riley and Jason must find the spade before it can be used to destroy the world!
Author Bio:  Sandi lives in Texas with a roommate, two yellow Labs, a shepherd/border collie mix, and two terrier mixes.  The animals were all rescues.  Her full-time job is as the public information officer for the local sheriff’s office, and she teaches English part time at the local community college.  She says she has a couple of degrees lying around somewhere, and she’s been writing ever since she can remember, although she took time off for work and school, and previously her writing has been more geared toward short stories and academic papers.  Sandi has now switched to writing fiction and currently has several more books in the works.
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