Wednesday, December 07, 2016


A Longmire Mystery
by Craig Johnson

Yes, it’s Walt Longmire again, but this time he’s out of the Absaroka County element, this time visiting Hulett, Wyoming, at the request of a friend, where a famous annual race means that there’s a flood of biker gangs in temporary residence, not unlike Sturgiss, center of motorcyclists, except much, much more menacing. At least to me; for the good sheriff, it’s just one more factor to keep in mind as he investigates an odd hit-and-run, and then a murder of a biker, and then the appearance of a…oh, you don’t need me to tell you all the things that happen. Here’s the thing I found funny as I was reading this (as usual intricate and well worth reading): by day I’m an editor, and I edit most anything (I have yet to edit anything mechanically oriented, so Popular Mechanics will not be contacting me anytime soon to take care of its articles). My amusement stems from the fact that as I was reading this book, which takes place in northeastern Wyoming but also touches on southwestern South Dakota, I was editing a South Dakota–based work (not a mystery, though) with another South Dakota–based work scheduled in the next few months. After decades of little or no consideration given to those states, I find it funny that all of a sudden, I have to think about them.

Happy holidays to one and all, and may you have a coming year NOT filled with horrible calamity!

Coming up: Well, it was going to be The Pigeon Tunnel by John LeCarre, but I can't find the book right now. So in any case, Season's Greetings!